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Chirurgie Botox à Genève


Dr. Kouroche Amini is an expert in managing non-surgical treatments like Botox® that provides patients with relief and enables them to lead a better life.

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Chirurgie de réduction mammaire Genève

Breast Reduction

Breasts are the asset of womanhood. But when they grow too large in size, they can be a cause of discomfort, neck pain..

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Chirurgie plastique du ventre à Genève


Belly fat is hazardous to health & the most rigid to lose. If you are tired of dieting & following a strict exercise routine..

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Enlèvement des lésions cutanées et chirurgie des plaies à Genève

Skin Lesions & Wounds

Is an abnormal growth or change in the skin’s appearance, a cause of your worry? Or are you looking for treatment..

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Liposuccion - Liposculpture


Are you tired of not being able to take off your shirt at the pool or when you hit the winning goal..

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Le traitement de botox pour les rides


Botox® to prevent the development of wrinkles and expression lines.

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Chirurgie de réduction mammaire

Breast reduction

Consider Breast Reduction and Redefine Life!

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Abdominoplastie Geneva

Abdomen & abdominal wall

Say yes to a flatter abdomen!

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Reconstruction après cancer Geneva

Breast reconstruction

Breast Reconstruction after cancer a gift to womanhood!

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D’une chirurgie reconstructrice pour les lésions cutanées ou les plaies

Skin lesions

For A Scar Free Life!

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chirurgie esthétique liposuccion geneve


Liposuction – to obtain that ideal body shape!

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chirurgie des paupières Genève


Blink at the world with a beautiful set of eyelids!

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DR. K. Amini - Le Meilleur Chirurgien Esthétique de Genève

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Things to Know

What is the primary difference between plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery?
What is the best procedure to correct excessive wrinkling & bagginess of the eyelids?
Which surgery is the best for enhancing appearance of breasts?
Do silicone implants increase breast cancer risk?
Is liposuction a suitable option for me?
Is plastic surgery safe?


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