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Botox® for relief from Excessive Sweating!

Surgery was previously the last resort to deal with problems of hyperhidrosis, more commonly known as “excessive sweating”. Today, however, it can be resolved simply with the help of an injection. Botox®, a popular non-surgical treatment for making beauty timeless has been used extensively over the past 15 years, to prevent embarrassing wet patches in the underarms, and even to gain freedom from sweaty palms.
Millions of people all over the world are affected by hyperhidrosis, facing not only discomfort but often also embarrassment. If you too suffer from this medical condition, you’ve reached the right place. At KA Surgery, Dr. Kouroche Amini is an expert in managing non-surgical treatments like Botox® that provides patients with relief and enables them to lead a better life.

More about Botox®:

  • Botox® is a natural and purified form of protein, that has a long list of uses even outside the cosmetic realm
  • It is a great remedy to treat Hyperhidrosis
  • It is a treatment approved by Swiss Medical Health Authorities (Swissmedic) and the FDA.
  • In addition to hyperhidrosis, Botox® is also effective in treating migraines, spasticity in muscles, blepharospasm – uncontrollable blinking, strabismus, (misaligned eyes), muscle stiffness and muscular responsiveness, and an overactive bladder.

Clarity on Hyperhidrosis or Excessive Sweating
Hyperhidrosis or excessive perspiration is a condition, that usually is triggered in childhood or adolescence. Arm pits, palms and soles of the feet are most commonly affected, as these areas are where the sweat glands, called eccrine glands, are located. Botox® is advancement in the medical field that can miraculously treat the condition of hyperhidrosis within minutes.

Effects of Botox® treatment

  • Botox® successfully reduces the condition of excessive sweating to an extent of 82-87%.
  • The results can be noticed within 5-12 days.
  • The effects of a Botox® session last between 5 to 8 months.
  • Botox® treatment for hyperhidrosis can be covered by insurance, if it is associated with certain conditions. Don’t hesitate to ask Dr. Kouroche Amini about it!
  • It helps regain lost confidence.

Botox® Treatment for Hyperhidrosis
Botox® for hyperhidrosis is used by targeting the source of perspiration. Once the patient is injected with the right amount of Botox®, the protein enters the eccrine gland responsible for heavy sweating and blocks the chemical that signals the production of perspiration or sweat.

Undergoing Botox® treatment under the guidance and medical assistance of Dr. Kouroche Amini will surely help you enjoy a number of benefits:

  • relief from excessive sweating
  • effective treatment
  • odorless body
  • comfortable dryness
    It will also help you restore the confidence to wear any outfit you desire, without worrying about damp patches.

The price for Botox® injections vary depending on the size and location of the area to be treated. This is a well-known medical condition and therefore such treatments can be covered by medical plans and insurance. Dr. Amini can take care of all the insurance paperwork for you. Schedule your appointment at KA Surgery today and enjoy the best treatment!

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