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Blink at the world with a beautiful set of eyelids!

Blepharoplasty or Eyelid Surgery is one of the most effective in redefining your look. This procedure helps enhance the shape and appearance of eyelids, and improves self-esteem and confidence. There are many ways in which eyelid reconstruction changes life for the better.
Eyes are the most delicate and important aspect of the human body. Dr. Kouroche Amini at KA Surgery understands this importance and medically corrects any defects with eyelid reconstructive surgeries.

Reasons for Eyelid Surgery

A beautiful set of eyes is often the first thing that another person notices in a human face. With age, however, the skin around the eyelids tends to loosen and sag, causing prominent fat pads that overshadow the innate beauty of the eyes, making them look dull and unappealing.
For patients affected by facial paralysis and synkinesis, the appearance of the eyelids also becomes unattractive and sometimes even embarrassing. As a corrective procedure Dr. Kouroche Amini performs cosmetic eyelid reconstruction surgery, enhancing the appearance to a noticeable extent. The surgery not only has medical benefits, but also rewards the patient with boosted self-confidence and comfort.

Cosmetic Surgery or Blepharoplasty for Upper Eyelid

  • Extra loose skin and bulging fat on the upper eyelid is known as dermatochalasis; this condition is addressed by Dr. Amini through a blepharoplasty surgery
  • Dr. Amini removes the right amount of skin, further contouring the underlying fat with an incision
    Cosmetic Surgery or Blepharoplasty for Lower Eyelid
  • In this condition, the primary focus of Dr. Amini is to remove and reposition herniated fat
  • Dr. Amini makes a hidden incision under the surface of the eyelid to remove the fat
  • After these two steps, contouring of the lower eyelid is done to make it look more natural and seamless

Reconstructive surgery for eyelids is the best and safest way to repair defects. These can be an after-effect of trauma, injury, skin disease or any other affliction of the area surrounding the eye.
Skin cancer is one of the primary reasons for developing defects in the eyelids. The following types of skin cancer can do serious damage to eyelids:

  • Squamous Cell Carcinoma:
    This is a rare form of skin cancer surrounding the eye; this type of eyelid cancer needs to be removed, and reconstructive surgery is the best way to do so.
  • Basal Cell Carcinoma:
    This type of skin cancer causes heavy local destructions around the eye if left untreated; immediate surgery is recommended
  • Malignant Melanoma:
    Melanoma is a rare cancer of eyelid; complete removal via surgery is the only treatment.
  • Sebaceous Cell Carcinoma:
    This type of cancer affects the oil glands of the eye lids that cause the damage.
  • Barrier in Vision:
    Another strong reason to opt for eyelid reconstruction surgery is droopy or excess skin on the upper eyelid. Ptosis, sun exposure, ageing, nerve problems, disease or injury, are among the many reasons for having droopy eyelids with excess skin on the upper eyelids, which often also leads to poor vision. Blepharoplasty for Upper Eyelid is one of the safest and successful treatments for such conditions.

Eyelid Surgery Procedure
Dr. Kouroche Amini skillfully performs all types of eyelid reconstruction at KA Surgery. The procedure is outpatient, rarely requiring the patient to stay overnight at the clinic. Eyelid surgeries are primarily performed under local anesthesia. Some cases might need general anesthesia, and Dr. Kouroche Amini will always make the appropriate decision for you. It usually takes 1-3 hours to complete the operation.

The following steps explain in detail the surgical procedure:

  • Incisions are made following the natural lines of your eyelids
  • The incisions may extend to the laugh lines at the outer corner of your eyes
  • Through these incisions, the skin is separated from the muscle and fatty tissue
  • Excess fat is removed if necessary and sagging skin is trimmed as well
  • The incisions are closed with fine sutures
  • Transconjunctival Blepharoplasty: If there’s a pouch of fat beneath your lower eyelids; the doctor will perform the eyelid surgical procedure. In this procedure, the incision is made inside the lower eyelid, leaving no noticeable scar
  • Lipofilling (free-fat grafts) of the lower eyelids is also recommended and performed in conjunction to help restore a young and natural look

Post Eyelid Reconstructive Surgery

  • The doctor will lubricate your eyes with ointments and will apply a tiny bandage
  • Pain and anti-inflammatory medications will be prescribed
  • It is necessary to keep the head elevated for several days
  • Follow the guidelines given by the doctor to clean eyes
  • You may experience excessive tearing for the first few days
  • The stitches will be removed after one week of the surgery

Eyelid Surgery Benefits
Eyelid surgery will help you experience loads of benefits;

  • Fewer fine lines
  • No more excessive skin sagging down on the upper eyelids
  • No more bags below the eye
  • Improved vision
  • A refreshed appearance

Benefits of Eyelid Surgery at KA Surgery

  • Realistic Pricing
  • Experience of 100’s of surgeries
  • Assistance for Insurance paper work
  • Quality service and state of the art Clinic facilities
  • Use of best quality and safe techniques

Eye Lid Surgery Recovery

  • You’ll be able to read or watch television quite fast after the surgery
  • It will take a few days to go out in public
  • Your eyes may be sensitive to sunlight and wind
  • Keeping your activities in a restriction mode for a couple of days will help you recover soon
  • Don’t have alcohol as it may cause fluid retention

Eyelid Surgery Costing
Like every other surgery, there are various factors that add up to final estimate of the eyelid reconstruction surgery. Primary aspects like geographical location and the type of surgery performed impact on the cost.
At KA Surgery you will get the treatment done at an affordable price. A final estimate is only possible with a face to face meeting at the clinic. In case you have an insurance cover benefit, cost of the eyelid reconstruction surgery can be claimed. Dr. Amini will guide and help you take care of all the paper work for the insurances.

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